True stories

Throughout the years,
Maison Boucheron’s historical address – 26 place Vendôme –
has been the witness of many memorable stories.

Time has come to share these tales

for better and for worse

Boucheron true stories

Episode 1

Anna Gould & Count Boni de Castellane
« For Money’s sake »

To all appearances, they should have been very happy. He was a famous Parisian dandy, although his only ticket to high society was his title of Marquis.
She, having left her native America to live in Paris, was heiress to a fortune so large it would require more than one lifetime to spend.
It was in Paris’ Belle Epoque that the lives of Anna Gould and Boni de Castellane would come together… However, we can’t talk about love here, because their meeting in 1894 had nothing to do with the romanticism of the ‘City of Love’..

Episode 2

Consuelo Vanderbilt and the 9th Duke of Marlborough, money can not buy love

A young American billionaire and an unfortunate – but young and handsome - English aristocrat. You will notice that this story has much in common with the previous episode: same city, same business, marriage, divorce, big orders placed at Boucheron… but it has a twist. Stay tuned!

Episode 3

Mary Leiter and Lord Curzon, love can cross borders

1895 was definitely the year for big weddings! In this new episode, you will hear about the life of Consuelo Vanderbilt’s friend, Mary Leiter, more commonly known as Lady Curzon. Did you know that she was the second-highest ranked woman in the British Empire after the Queen herself?! From Chicago to the India of maharajas, let's discover the amazing story of this American lady.

Episode 4

Mary Ethel Burns and Viscount Harcourt, two ill-matched characters

In this new episode, we are going to look at two ill-matched characters: a very elegant lady who loved helping other people and who was fond of jewelry… and a bright and clever politician who was fond of the very young, both male and female… Each of our characters had their own lives and their own secrets… You are about to discover Loulou and Mary’s story, also known as Viscount and Viscountess Harcourt.

Episode 5

Margaret Helen Anderson and Captain Ronald Greville, love is an open door

It’s October the 12th, 2018. The emerald tiara that’s been missing since 1942 is now being worn by Princess Eugenie for a very special occasion! Lent to the Princess by Her Majesty the Queen for her wedding to Jack Brooksbank, the emerald and diamond tiara was made by Boucheron in 1919 for a woman called… Mrs Greville.
Who was Margaret Greville, the original owner of this kokoshnik-style tiara, and how did this jewel end up in the Royal collection? You are about to discover the last, but not the least, of the wedding stories in this series, For Better and for Worse!

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