Timeless Creations


The diamond’s dazzling sparkle

Inspired by Ava Gardner’s timeless grace, the jewel pays tribute to the precious stone. The diamond, enhanced by an airy setting, reveals all of its shine and sparkle.

Ava Pear Pendant Pendant set with a pear-cut diamond and pavé round white diamonds, in white gold

The diamond of the Ava Pear pendant appears to float in mid-air, stopping time with its eternal beauty.
Enhanced by its airy setting, the stone seems lightly suspended as if by magic.
Magnified, the sparkle of the diamond irresistibly captures the attention.

1 pear-cut diamond, 0,25 carats
17 round diamonds, 0,28 carats
White gold 750/1000
Length 42 cm

Ava Pear Earrings Earrings set with pear-cut diamonds and pavé round diamonds, in white gold

The Ava Pear earrings have a delicate and refined design which plays charmingly with the light. They are dazzling: the airy setting magnifies the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.
A highly elegant jewel, its radiance perfectly lights up the face.

2 pear-cut diamonds, 0,50 tcw
34 round diamonds, 0,56 carats
White gold 750/1000, 4,6g

Ava Round ring Ring set with a round diamond and paved diamonds, in white gold

Contemporary yet timeless, the Ava ring symbolizes eternal happiness. The setting disappears under the diamond paving, leaving the center stone reflecting the radiance of Light.

1 round diamond FVVS1/2 0,50 carat
40 round diamonds 0,46 carat
White gold 750/1000 3,11 g

Ava Round stud earrings Stud earrings set with diamonds and paved diamonds, in white gold

The iconic Ava line comes in the form of white gold and diamond stud earrings. Their soft contour encircles a round diamond, harmoniously completing the creation.

2 round diamonds FVVS1/2 0,40 carat
40 round diamonds 0,26 carat
White gold 750/1000 3,07 g

Ava Round sleepers Sleepers set with round diamonds and paved diamonds, in white gold

The Ava sleepers are worn to seduce. They light up the face of the woman wearing them, enhancing her femininity.

2 round diamonds FVVS1/2 0,40 carat
54 round diamonds 0,60 carat
White gold 750/1000 3,80 g

Ava Round pendant Pendant set with a round diamond and paved diamonds, in white gold

Graceful and delicate, the white gold and diamond Ava pendant seems to float on the neck. All the jeweler's expertise has been harnessed in order to sublimate feminine grace.

1 round diamond FVVS1/2 0,50 carat
12 round diamonds 0,21 carat
White gold 750/1000 2,82 g


The Pivoine collection much resembles a Haute Couture creation. Diamonds are magnified in a gold ribbon interlacing, creating a delicate frame for the central stone. It is a contemporary and classic expression of Boucheron’s style and savoir-faire.

Pivoine Ring Ring set with a round diamond and pavé diamonds, in white gold

Pivoine represents a stylized and sophisticated flower, symbolizing the lover’s knot that binds a couple.
The flower’s petals are the perfect setting for the central diamond which sparkles intensely. The jeweler’s delicate crafting of the gold enhances the femininity of the flower’s interlacing contours. To be worn as an engagement ring or a precious jewel, every day.

Pivoine Stud Earrings Stud Earrings set with round diamonds and pavé diamonds, in white gold

The Pivoine Stud Earrings adorn women every day with their stylized representation of a peony flower.
The sparkle of the diamonds is heightened by the delicacy of the flower’s gold petals, interlacing and providing a precious setting for the central diamond.
A jewel that adds a touch of elegance and refinement.

2 round diamonds, 0,30 carats
48 round diamonds, 0,36 carats
White gold 750/1000, 4,45g

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