Serpent Bohème

Serpent Bohème

The protective jewel

A jewelery collection dedicated to the iconic Boucheron serpent, protective spirit and symbol of eternity. Delicately sculpted and polished, gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

Serpent Bohème Earstuds S Motif Earstuds set in pink gold with diamonds

The art of the Magician of Stones is to use his savoir-faire to enhance the pieces by adding a magical radiance to the diamonds: the head of the snake represented by the drop motif and crowned by gold beads is highlighted and magnified.

16 round diamonds, 0.66 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 4.30 g

Serpent Bohème Toi et Moi Ring S Motif Ring set in pink gold with diamonds

The Toi et Moi Serpent Bohème ring celebrates the love between Frédéric Boucheron and his wife Gabrielle: it is a reminder of the snake necklace he gave her in 1888 which was also a symbol of protection.
The drop motif bordered by gold beads adds exquisite detail and expresses the expert precision of the jeweler.
The heads of the snakes cross to symbolize the eternal bind between two lovers.

16 round diamonds, 0.67 carat
Pink gold 750/1000, 9.50 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant, M motif Pendant set with pavé diamonds, in pink gold

Created in 1968, Serpent Boheme went through the years and became one of the most iconic collection of the Maison. On its twisted chain, the head of the snake is symbolized by a drop set with diamonds and crowned with gold beads. The honeycomb design allows the light to pass through, giving the stones even more sparkle. In pink gold, this long necklace invokes Boucheron's free spirit.

15 round diamonds 0,64 carat
pink gold 750/1000 8,37 g

Serpent Bohème Long necklace 6 Motifs Long necklace with 6 onyx motifs, in pink gold

Nearly 50 years after its launch, the Serpent Bohème collection has been reinvented with colorful, transparent, and hard gemstones. Set with onyx and crowned with gold beads, the spellbinding aesthetic of this long necklace embodies the free spirit and subversive power of Boucheron.

6 onyx 6,93 carats
pink gold 750/1000 8,57g

Serpent Bohème Long Necklace, 6 motifs Long necklace with 6 rhodolite garnet motifs, in pink gold

The long necklace's twisted chain is classic Maison Boucheron. Finely crafted, it complements to perfection the six Serpent Bohème motifs in diamond and rhodolite garnet.

6 rhodolite garnets 13,38 carats
Pink gold 8,52 g

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