Whether in geometric perfection of design or in the purity of its Art Deco lines, Boucheron has always displayed a passion for abstraction. For nearly 160 years, Boucheron's inclination for correct proportions, noble structures and majestic forms has influenced the artistic creation of its jewelry.

Vendôme Chromatique Bracelet Bracelet set with diamonds, yellow sapphires, agates and mother of pearl, in white and yellow gold

The Vendôme Chromatique bracelet is paved with yellow sapphires, agates, and mother-of-pearl. Its Art Deco lines reinterpret the chevron motif, a Parisian element par excellence.

184 round diamonds 3,10 ct
200 yellow round sapphires 4,60 ct
8 yellow baguette sapphires 1,20 ct
Mother-of-pearl 20,00 ct
10 agates 16,00 ct
White and yellow gold 750/1000 55,00 g

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