A Boucheron creation tells a Story, that of the Maison and your own. Discover our jewelry collections.

Quatre Collection

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Serpent Bohème Collection

Serpent Bohème: The protective jewel

A jewelery collection dedicated to the iconic Boucheron serpent, protective spirit and symbol of eternity. Delicately sculpted and polished, gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

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A Collection of Animals

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Nature Triomphante Collection

Nature has been an endless source of inspiration for Boucheron since the Maison’s foundation in 1858. Its diversity, aesthetic ideal and wealth of symbolism have over time inspired creations that are as diverse as they are remarkable. This unique vision of Nature Triomphante has made it a decisive influence in the Maison’s history.

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Pompon Collection

The Pompon collection is inspired by Haute Couture – a theme to which Maison Boucheron returns time and again. It features chains and drop earrings, with pavé-set diamond fringes that sparkle at the slightest movement. The diamonds appear to float in mid-air thanks to the use of the special serti aériensetting, a technique invented by Boucheron.

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Pivoine Collection

The Pivoine collection much resembles a Haute Couture creation. Diamonds are magnified in a gold ribbon interlacing, creating a delicate frame for the central stone. It is a contemporary and classic expression of Boucheron’s style and savoir-faire.

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Ava Collection

Ava: The diamond’s dazzling sparkle

Inspired by Ava Gardner’s timeless grace, the jewel pays tribute to the precious stone. The diamond, enhanced by an airy setting, reveals all of its shine and sparkle.

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Delilah Collection

Delilah: Pleated gold

The jeweler’s hands bring gold to life, transforming it into the exquisitely supple and delicate fabric of a precious collection.

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Whether in geometric perfection of design or in the purity of its Art Deco lines, Boucheron has always displayed a passion for abstraction. For nearly 160 years, Boucheron's inclination for correct proportions, noble structures and majestic forms has influenced the artistic creation of its jewelry.

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Timeless Creations

Timeless Creations are an intrinsic part of the Maison Boucheron, of its artistic vision and its work on light, and have been considered classics for over 160 years. In all these works of High Jewelry, the fluidity of movement and form reveals all the brilliance of the precious stones. To wear one of Boucheron's timeless creations is to wear its very vision of High Jewelry.

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26 Vendôme Letter

Stay informed of the latest news and events of the Maison Boucheron and enter into the universe of the first jeweler of the Place Vendôme.