Rêves d'Ailleurs

Trésor de Perse

In reference to the travels of Louis Boucheron, the Trésor de Perse necklace celebrates three exceptional cabochon sapphires, and a historic oval Birman. Their deep blues, revealing dazzling silk inclusions for some, are enhanced by the subtle play of shapes, colors and light of an array of chalcedonies and diamonds and the stunning purity of rock crystal.

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To create is to remember

The Trésor de Perse set pays tribute to the link between Paris and Isfahan. It celebrates the Persian dream and the tie between the Maison at 26, place Vendôme and the Iranian Imperial family with its crown jewels.

The Magician of Stones

The charm of the Trésor de Perse necklace captures at first glance with the exceptional quality of its two cabochon sapphires: the first of 20,81 carats and the second one of 34,73 carats.

The gemologist’s prowess has been met: a perfect match of the two stones that are equal in their beauty and exceptional color, despite of their different origins.

The Hands of Light

In order to reveal the depth of the two sapphires of the Trésor de Perse necklace, the Maison’s artisans have surrounded the stones with stylized motifs in white gold entirely set with baguette diamonds. The other elements of the composition: hollowed-out rock crystal, chalcedony cabochons, diamond bows, diamond-set gold spheres and sliced sapphire inlays, are inter-mingled and arranged with brilliance to create a bold mirror effect.

The Sparkle of Soul

Trésor de Perse celebrates the cerulean splendor of Isfahan, an epicenter for the arts and wisdom. The city’s skies blend seamlessly with the myriad indigo hues of its Great Mosque.

Louis Boucheron, wanting to remember the refinement of Persian architecture, made sketches of his blue-tinted, exotic impressions in his notebooks. These have been preciously protected in the Maison’s archives and regularly feed the wind of exploration that guides the Maison towards new cultures and creations…

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