Rêves d'Ailleurs

Splendeur de Russie

With this collection, the Maison evokes the majesty of Russia’s sparkling frozen plains and the crystal pure grace of jeweled snowflakes. The jewelry sets, in all their regal beauty and lightness, have been inspired by the Maison’s pieces, since 1858, for the illustrious figures of the Empire.

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To create is to remember

The first French jeweler to open a boutique in Moscow in 1897, Boucheron was a renowned supplier for Imperial Russia; its tsars and tsarinas.

Whether for crowns, tiaras, head ornaments or aigrettes, the Maison adorned the great royal and aristocratic figures with creations that were light and graceful.

The Magician of Stones

The Splendeur de Russie necklace-tiara is structured around pure curved lines on which the jewelry artisan has meticulously positioned diamonds of different shapes and sizes.

This creates a delicate and subtle effect of varying brilliance.

The Hands of Light

The Splendeur de Russie necklace-tiara brilliantly demonstrates the skill of the artisan with its use of a razor-thin gold thread, or “knife-edge” thread, to set the stones.

This technique consists in flattening the gold so that it is nearly invisible from the front to achieve an ethereal effect. Often used by the Maison, the white gold of the thread disappears completely: the myriad brilliant cut diamonds it holds into place on the front of the necklace seem to float as if by magic.

The Sparkle of Soul

The Splendeurs de Russie creations celebrate the call of a limitless elsewhere, the endless and magnificent frozen landscapes that have undoubtedly influenced the Russian soul.

Boucheron has tried to capture the essence of eternal Russia, the great frosts of winter, the intensity of cold and ice… transforming these images into jewelry themes.

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