Rêves d'Ailleurs

Rives du Japon

This ode to the archipelago’s myriad islands and marine world is also a tribute to the artistic and spiritual greatness of the Japanese painters and poets. For centuries, they have been masters of the capture of beauty’s fleeting essence with their breath-taking creations. This collection is also a reference to the fascinating underwater world and the Ama women, the traditional free divers, who explore it.

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To create is to remember

The archive books, in the library of 26, place Vendôme, contain several pieces that are a direct reference to masterpieces of Japanese art. The Pluie (Rain) and Vague (Wave) tiaras are famous examples of this inspiration and were both created in 1920.

Rives du Japon also celebrates the multiple-wear and the “multifunctional” created by Boucheron, and which illustrate the Ricochet necklace.

The Magician of Stones

The Ricochet necklace represents the waves and contours of the successive concentric lines that appear on the water’s surface when a flat stone skips over it.

Others, letting their imagination take flight, will see the fall of rain drops after the storm…

The Hands of Light

Like a pointillist painter who applies a multitude of touches of color to his canvas, the “Hands of Light” have painted the jewelry wave with all of the shades of the ocean. A rigorous selection of sapphires of different cuts and sizes has been skilfully positioned to form a complex combination of blue shades, symbolizing the diversity and luminosity of water.

The Sparkle of Soul

The Rives du Japon creations freeze time to offer “pictures of the floating world”, in homage to the undisputed master of the art of Ukiyo-e, Hokusai.

Those creations pay tribute to the art of printing, which captures the fleeting moment and holds it forever on paper, as for the Great Wave of Kanagawa, suspended in the air just before its collapse.

In turn, Ricochet and Rivage hold for a moment the onward march of Triumphant Nature, capturing the magical instant with their eternal jewelry beauty.

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