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Pinceau de Chine

The Pinceau de Chine collection is inspired by an art that has been at the heart of Chinese civilization for thousands of years: calligraphy, or the art of writing well.
Deceptively simple at first glance, calligraphy requires expertise and meditation before being able to produce work that is mature and sensitive.

After years of experience and savoir-faire, the “Hands of Light” have applied their talent to a new challenge – how to create beauty with a single stroke of the jeweler’s brush, as if by magic…

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To create is to remember

Chinese calligraphy is the art of writing well.

Chinese fairy tales are full of stories about magic paintbrushes, capable of granting the wishes of their users.

The Maison Boucheron would like to tell you the story written by Hong Xuntao: “Ma Liang’s brush”.

That tale tells the story of a poor child from the ancient China, named Ma Liang. His dream is to become a famous painter. During one night, he received a magic brush from his dreams, which is able to make each of his drawings come to life.

The Magician of Stones

To express the dexterity of the calligrapher’s stroke and the magic effect of his paintbrush, the gemologist has chosen the ultimate purity of rock crystal and diamonds for this jewelry set.

The Hands of Light

For the execution of the Calligraphique jewelry creations, the Maison’s Hands of Light focused their savoir-faire on working the white gold to give suppleness to the necklace and seamlessly link the stones together.

Through an ingenious feat of sculpture, the prongs have been positioned underneath the stones rather than around them, making them invisible. The absence of any traces of metal allows the eye to plunge into the velvety depth of the brushed crystal before being captured by the sparkle of the diamonds.

The Sparkle of Soul

The practice of calligraphy requires a perfect balance between the spirit of the artist and “the principle that reigns over everything”. There must be a total commitment of body and soul.

It is in this mind-set that the Maison’s artisans imagined and crafted the Pinceau de Chine chapter.

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