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Fleur des Indes

Fleur des Indes is an ode to the legendary world of maharajahs and fabulous emeralds. This collection is a reference to the mythical white water lily, a symbol of purity and self-fulfilment. It also pays homage to the relationships that the Maison nurtured with some of its Indian clients and their amazing jewelry orders…

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To create is to remember

Taking advantage of the Maison’s excellent reputation amongst some of the most illustrious members of the British Empire, Frédéric Boucheron, and his son Louis, built strong ties with India and conquered its clientele of princes and maharajahs.

Boucheron took inspiration from this world of majesty and color and became one of the most important suppliers of the Indian aristocracy; the Maharajah of Patiala, for example, came to the boutique on Place Vendôme in 1928 and made the most extraordinary order ever.

The Magician of Stones

At the heart of the Fleur des Indes necklace sits a historic Moghul emerald that expresses all the symbolic power of a timeless stone. Dating back to several centuries, intact and never recut, it is a spectacular illustration of the splendor of the Moghul Empire that reigned over India from 1526 to 1858.

The Hands of Light

To accentuate the majesty of the Fleur des Indes necklace, the Hands of Light have added an adornment that is dear to Boucheron; the pompom. Its tassels are made up of closed-set round diamonds that have been assembled by made-to-measure gold links, giving an enchanting suppleness to the strands.

The Sparkle of Soul

In India, the water lily is the most feminine of all flowers.

The closed bud of the flower represents the human heart, a vital organ that is at the center of emotions.

The blossoming of the flower symbolizes human fulfilment and enlightenment, its many seeds signify abundance and fertility. The flower is thus a conveyor of positive energy for women. Wearing the Nymphéa jewelry set means adopting a talisman that has the power to unleash the most fabulous dreams and reveal joyous horizons.

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