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Hôtel de la Lumière

Les Messagers Célestes

Boucheron is famous for its precious bestiary. Among it, insects are a favorite source of inspiration for the Maison, as knew full well the author Françoise Sagan who called them “the messengers” and collected them. These aerial emissaries, companions of the sun, are depicted in this new collection with an exquisite interplay of light and of transparency, expressed through a variety of precious materials, subtle color gradations and expert engraving.

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To create is to remember

Wladimir, Frédéric Boucheron’s cat was not the only animal to have a home at 26 Place Vendôme. There were also a number of winged creatures such as cicadas, scarabs, ladybirds, dragonflies and butterflies who fluttered in the Boucheron universe. Indeed, the first objets d’art and jewels representing them date back to 1882.

The Magician of Stones

Passionate about naturalistic themes, the Maison’s artisans have always sought to perfectly represent the incredible delicacy of insects, the fineness of their features, the translucency of their wings, the changing highlights of their coats and their graceful flight.

For the Hôtel de la Lumière collection, the Maison’s artisans have multiplied the number of gemstones and different crafting skills to accentuate the winged messenger’s extraordinary contrasts in color, precious materials and volume.

The Hands of Light

The Magician of Stones’ audacity finds its match in the virtuoso technique of the jeweler.

This painstaking work on precious materials demands the utmost patience and offers the opportunity to observe the slightest detail so as to learn to “see” what we often miss: the pure beauty of artistic craftsmanship that imitates the hidden wonders of nature, unless it is the other way round...

The Sparkle of Soul

What can be said of the scarab beetle that fascinated Françoise Sagan so?
The scarab is a universal symbol of creation and protection. A protective talisman, it is often worn as an amulet because the scarab is believed to hold the secret of eternal love.

These insects play a part in Boucheron’s story and will always be benevolent celestial messengers. Every one of them is a symbol of lightness, elevation and spirituality.

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